Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Beach, Or How I ALMOST Got To See The Rolling Stones

It was another beautiful autumn day here in London yesterday...

Oh, wait. The calendar tells me it's August. But surely with the gray skies, blustery wind and ongoing rain it must be November, right? In any case, it was another terrible day and our fruit picking expedition got cancelled, so we headed to....

The Beach!

(Or as Thing One calls it, "The Fake Inside Beach at the Dome.")

The Dome, now known as the O2 Centre, shipped in a couple of tons of sand and set up a beach. Desperate to remember the hot fun days at the Jersey Shore just a month ago, we went for a visit.

A good time was had by all. We made a sand castle, we played with the free beach ball and we buried our feet in the very COLD sand. But unfortunately, as we were leaving, Thing Two got his finger caught in the door at the S&M Cafe where we had lunch. ("I told you we shouldn't have gone there," he said between sobs. "We should have gone to Pizza Express.")

I carried him over to the concierege desk and asked to be taken to First Aid, so Thing Two could get some ice, a band-aid and some attention. In that order. The man took us through to what I thought was the office, where I heard some thumping music. He and the other man behind the desk were discussing where the closest first aid station was and they decided the closest place would be backstage. I perked up immediately. Now THAT could be fun.

I then asked where the music was from.

"It's the Rolling Stones, doing their sound check for tonight," he said.

I quickly did the math: Thing Two Needs A Band Aid + Backstage First Aid Station + Sound Check = ME MEETING THE ROLLING STONES!!

The excitement was short lived. As I was doing that calculation, the man behind the desk did some searching and found a plaster for Thing Two.

I Can't Get No Satisfaction.

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