Thursday, June 07, 2007

Mr. Monopoly

If Thing Two is Mr. Movie (if you've ever witnessed his impressive grasp of the cinematic art form, you'll know why we call him that), than Thing One most definitely is Mr. Monopoly.

We experienced this first-hand last week while we were on holiday, as the lazy afternoons left us the several hours necessary to play the game (the adult, not the junior version).

Mr. Monopoly quickly gripped the nature of the game and devised a strategy. He bankrupted several members of his family in different games by loading up on hotels on just one piece of property (with his development on Bond Street being particularly effective). If you're wondering, his marker of choice was the dog.

He's now keen to resume the tournament this weekend, but first I'm going to have to excavate our own games, which are buried somewhere deep in the toy room, but I know not where.

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