Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Happy Fourth Birthday Thing Two

Today is Thing Two's fourth birthday. I can hardly believe it, as it seems it was only yesterday I was walking slowly through Waterloo Station on my way to St. Thomas' Hospital, worried that I might give birth in one of the busiest train terminals in London. Thing Two very kindly waited to be born until I arrived in the hospital.

But I digress. Please indulge me as I list some of the things I love about Thing Two. Mr. MarthonMum might have his own list, but as this is my blog, I get to say what I want.

Top Ten Things I love about Thing Two:
1. How he loves kisses and hugs
2. His ever-present smile (even when he's upset)
3. His upbeat personality
4. His curly hair (shorter than it used to be, but still curly)
5. His appreciation of movies, thus earning him the moniker Mr. Movie
6. How he sings to himself when he's happy, but he doesn't want you to join in.
7. How he loves to cuddle up and read books, or page through them on his own.
8. His speed: all that marathon training paid off-- he's a fast runner!
9. How he loves his family, especially his big brother
10. How he gets excited and happy over really simple things.

Happy Birthday Thing Two. May you have many more.

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