Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Internet Shopping

Thing One desperately wants a bird feeder and a bird house for our back garden. The plan had been for us to go to the local pet superstore-- where they have about 100 to choose from-- and buy one. However, after discussing the plan with Mr. MarathonMum, who also serves as chair of this house's uber-stringent Design Committee, he vetoed the plan. He decided instead that we could all choose one together on the Internet.

Thing One and I were driving past the pet superstore, when I explained that we wouldn't be stopping to find the bird feeder and the bird house.

"Daddy just wants to buy them on the Internet," i said.

After pausing for a long minute, Thing One replied, "Oh, I can understand why. When you shop on the Internet, you don't have to pay!"

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It is a BIRD FEEDER not a couch! What do you need...a little mini-Georgian for the birds? What next...a Feng Shui consultant for placement of the house and feeder?

Thing One's concept of not having to pay for internet purchases is adorable. I hope he isn't traumatized by the rigorous approval process. I repeat...IT IS A BIRD FEEDER!

Love, "The un-stylish, just hungry, birds of Greenwich"