Friday, May 06, 2005

Happy Mother's Day Eve Eve

Happy Mother's Day Eve Eve, which in the United States, will be celebrated on Sunday. (Here in the United Kingdom, we held our Mother's Day bashes two months ago). But frankly, mothers aren't appreciated enough, in my opinion, so I might start lobbying my family that we celebrate on both the U.S. and U.K. holiday. Also, I would get to eat more cake. (Actually, no, I wouldn't be able to eat more cake because I haven't been able to run-- or even really walk-- since last weekend owing to my hip. So the marathon-inspired all-you-can-eat policy will have to be abandoned at the moment. But I digress.)

Now that I am one myself, I can say with authority: It's a thankless job being a mother. We could have a really great day-- one featuring art projects, games in the park, homemade brownies and a completely nutritional and organic dinner-- but no one would say to me at the day's end: "I had a really fun day today, Mom. Thanks!" It's more likely I would hear, "Why do I have to take a bath?"

When you're a full-time employee of a company, you're entitled to all sorts of benefits and you receive an annual job performance review. When you're a full-time employee of your family, there are no tangible benefits (such as sick days) and no annual review.

But just the other day, Andrew stopped eating his dinner and said to me, unprompted, "Thanks for making me such a nice dinner, Mom!" So maybe it's not such a thankless job after all.


Laura said...

Motherhood sucks sometimes.

But we wouldn't want to have it any other way....

Anonymous said...

Aiiiee! Now you are freaking me out!!!! Aiiieee!

Love, Quigs