Saturday, April 16, 2005

Happy Marathon Eve!

Well, this is it. My gear for tomorrow is organized, I’m updating my iPod as I type this, I’ve pinned my number on the front of my shirt and I’ve calculated the final tally of the number of girls I’ll help send to school when I finish the marathon.

The total, as of 9:57 p.m., is (drum roll, please) 121 girls will get to go to primary school for one year in Africa! I am thrilled beyond belief. More donations are set to come in, [and if you haven’t donated yet, you should] but that’s the definite number I’ve got for tomorrow. I plan to write 121 on my left hand to remind myself when the going gets tough the good that will come of this experience. My left hand is the same place I would write down my workouts, so I’m used to looking there in the middle of a run.

Thank you very, very, much to everyone who sponsored me. I am deeply touched by everyone’s generosity. You have made someone else’s life better, for which you should be proud. You should drink champagne tomorrow too! I certainly will be drinking copious amounts of it.

I’d really like to write more tonight, but I should shoot off to bed now and try to get a good night’s sleep. I’m hoping I won’t have the same nightmares I had last night, when I dreamt that a robber came in and stole… only my running shoes and race number.

Watch this space tomorrow to see how I did.

Thanks again for all of your love and support. It made this task much easier.

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Paul a reader in Warrington said...

Good luck for tomorrow.