Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Thing Two!

Happy 6th Birthday, Thing Two!

Thing Two turned SIX on Friday, so we had a weekend filled with celebrations, Star Wars and, most importantly, chocolate cake. Those in the know will note his new Arsenal kit ("uniform"), which he proudly wore for his football party in Greenwich Park on Saturday. 

Here are some of the things I love about Thing Two as he reaches milestone No. 6:
1. His outlook on life in which his glass is always half-full.
2. His sunny nature, disposition and laughter.
3. His extra-large personality.
4. How he still needs a cuddle to start his day.
5. His continued love of movies, for which we still call him Mr. Movie.
6. When asked if he did something wrong (when clearly he did), his "I don't know" (along with funny intonation) response.
7. His willingness to help in the kitchen, whether it is to help pack lunches or make cookies.
8. His love of reading.
9. His continued inability to simply walk down the stairs, but instead, leap from step to step, which makes it sound as if a dinosaur were approaching.

Happy Birthday Thing Two. May you have many more.